Monday, May 25, 2009


The publications rights to print and sell books by Floyd Henderson in certain foreign languages (that is, other than English) are available for purchase.

The rights to print and publish three books in Polish language versions have been purchased. The rights to print and publish in most other languages are still available. For information, contact Floyd Henderson by email at

You may click the button below to purchase a downloadable computer file version of "An Advaita Four-Day Retreat / Satsang: A Seven-Step Journey to Reality."

The downloadable computer file version of the retreat contains an entire seven-hour, four-day retreat / satsang and shows three seekers being guided through all seven steps by floyd. The video can provide viewers with an “experiential,” step-by-step series of meetings that will move the viewers from identification with the I to abidance as the Absolute.

Some are already using the file version and meeting in groups in homes and playing the video file, pausing it for discussion, and using it for guidance along the entire "path" to Realization.

Once you pay, a notification will be sent to floyd. When he receives that notification, he will e-mail to you the link + the name and password required to be able to download the file. Two versions are available, one that downloads faster but with less quality and one that is a larger file with better quality.
(Note: The very best video quality is available with the DVD disk-set version below)

Cost = $40.00


You may click the button below to send a gift certificate in an amount of your choice to friends or relatives or fellow seekers to purchase any products or services offered on The Official Website of Floyd Henderson



for details on retreats. 

You can register there for a retreat and make your payment)

For those seeking the full explanation of the non-duality teachings offered by floyd Henderson, there are non-duality books offered below as well as retreats and Skype or telephone sessions available at .